Flickering Spot on Video Render

Randomly I am seeing a small part of my render flicker as per this video https://youtu.be/dHIvhXzKhSQ

The rendering is done using OGL ES2 using SGX544 GPU to a 1280x800 output resolution. My textures are supplied using EGL Image extension. There is no depth buffer or virtual camera used to make the render.

Has anyone seen something similar ?


Q: Are you doing anything that would trigger a full pipeline flush mid-frame?

If the object was flickering on/off or exhibiting brief tearing artifacts, I’d suspect that more strongly.

However, here it appears that the appearance of the object or artifact is pretty steady; just changing in color (mostly between black, cyan, blue, and green).

Other questions:

  • What’s different about this object/artifact from the background the background it’s rendered against?
  • Is it a geometry mesh? A texture billboard?
  • How is its color determined?
  • What part of the content in the video is provided by the “EGL Image”?
  • Is the contents of the EGL image static? Dynamic? If the latter, try making it static.
  • If dynamic, how is it being changed? How are you synchronizing for those changes? How are you doing multibuffering?
  • Does this happen with a GL texture instead of an EGL image?

Just wanted to ack your input - found the issue finally, it was caused by a divide by 0 inside the shader, when determining the uv’s

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