Flickering/Refreshing problem with OpenGL and VB.NET


I don’t know if this is the correct forum for this but i thought I
would try here first. I am developing an application using VB.NET and
OpenGL. I am using the CsGL wrapper to help me with this.

I have a custom control I have written which does the 3D stuff on my
main form within the application. My problem is that on my laptop, the
control is very flickery. If I Alt-Tab to move something in front of it
and then Alt-Tab back again then it is suddenly magically OK. If I
resize it, the flickering starts again and can only be resolved by
moving something in front of it and then back again. On my main PC it
is fine though and I have also tried it on a couple of my colleagues’
laptops and it is also fine on them.

I realise this may not be enough for anyone to help me. I suspect it is
something to do with the graphics card on the laptop (RADEON) because
exactly the same code is fine on 3 other systems. It would be nice to
know if others have had similar problems and anything I might be able
to try to resolve it as when we sell this software, if any customers
have this problem it will cause us a real headache.


Mark Thompson.

if you really think you have a bug, then send a detailed system report and a repro to developer relations at ati.

without your exact system info, driver version or code, it’s hard to say much more…