Flickering Problem with Display Lists


I’m running into a problem with the display lists I’m using. Fundamentally the problem is that when I use display lists for the object I am trying to render, the objects flicker and are drawn incorrectly. When I invoke the drawing code directly there are no problems.

Here are two pictures of the objects, one drawn correctly and one drawn with display lists.

The objects that I’m drawing are spheres. I want certain slices of the spheres to be gray and other parts to be white. To do this I am using two clipping planes to cut the sphere into the portions I want and draw it 4 times with the desired colors.

Also I did not run into this problem when drawing the objects on my Macbook Pro. I am running into these problems on an Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset.

Any help here would be much appreciated.


So no one’s run into anything of this sort?

Not to my knowledge.
But you are going a strange route, and the minimal Intel graphic “accelerators” (as they call it) is quite likely to have a couple of problems with it.

Maybe you abuse too much of pushmatrix/popmatrix, and your hardware does not support so many levels ? Try putting glGetError somewhere, and be sure you have no gl error. GlIntercept is also a good tool to debug GL code, but I think it is only released for Windows.