flatShader works strange to similar .dae objects...

i am verry new in pv3d , please excuse first, my simple and bad english…
i applied the FlatShader to multiple .dae files created in max9
the code:

bmSimplu=new p3(10,10);
bitmapMaterial1=new BitmapMaterial(bmSimplu,true);

flatShader=new FlatShader(light,0xFFFFFF,0X404040);
shadedMaterial=new ShadedMaterial(bitmapMaterial1,flatShader);
materialsList = new MaterialsList();

… but , i don’t understand why, i have obtained this strange effect to some of IDENTICALLY CREATED collada objects (the objects 3, 4…)!!
the link:

why this?, cannot understand …

thank you verry much!

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