Fixing meshes...

How do I go about fixing my 3D Studio meshes to work correctly (CLOSED MESH!!!) with OpenGL?

I really hate this stupid dup vertex thing because of the UV coords.

Please don’t tell me I can’t, because there HAS to be a way (DOOM III does!)


Read the specs of the file format, and devize a way to pull just the data you need. Maybe im not getting your question, but maybe thats because I dont use Max.

But then, Doom3 doesn’t use Max. It uses a mixture of Maya and LightWave.


Yeah, it uses Maya, but the md5mesh file still have multiple verts per UV coord (like 3DS models), so it ends up with a non-closed mesh. So it must do some kind of processing while it loads the mesh.

there is a plugin (ive never tried it so im not 100% certain) (i think from nvidia called meshmender or something similar)

Nah, it isn’t MeshMender, that only fixes variant data like normals and tangent basis.

Un-weld all points, then export. This won’t solve performance, but it’ll cause all vmaps to be aligned.