Fisheye Warping for Cheap Planetariums

Hello everyone!

I’m a CS major who runs my universities Planetarium, and I’m looking into making an OpenGL application to warp Fisheye images to properly fit my dome.

Now my planetarium uses a “Spherical Mirror” projection system, meaning that I cannot just display regular fisheye images (like most planetariums do).

You can see the warping that I need to do here (no ads, viruses, popups, etc…). (Skip to the images if you just want a rough idea of the warping being done)

This is the implementation I use, but unfortunately it’s only designed for Mac. I would like to make a Windows 7 program to Warp fisheye programs, games, or movies into the “Spherical Mirror Image” format (like in above link) . I would specifically like to apply this to fisheye games that I do not have source code to.

So here are my questions:

Can an OpenGL application be made to do this, or something like it?

If so, where does a programmer with little OpenGL background start? Are there tutorials on similar projects? Do you know of anything that can help me accomplish this goal, even if its not OpenGL related?

Much thanks guys (and gals!), this would revolutionize the way our (free & open source) Planetarium shows are given!