First time OpenGL user with obviously dumb questio

I’m a first time user of OpenGl, and I would really like to start by understanding the basics.
What will I need to start to make a simple OpenGL app?
Only the API or will I need some of those tookits? GLU, etc?
On the official website, I can’t find the download for the SDK itself.

Can someone please explain me this basics?
Sorry to post such a basic question.


There be some samples over here.

Hi there! Actually, there is no downloadable SDK for the time being and if I’m any judge won’t be for a long time. What you need is the libraries for your compiler so that your program can link with the opengl-glu dll’s
So, with your compiler, link against opengl32.lib (or libGL.a if you’re a linux user). These are usually part of the compiler so you don’t need to download them.
Personally I’m using the free DevC++ compiler which comes with an openGL template to start programming right away.Of course you need to do some homework to know what each function does. So,my suggestion is to download DevC++, and play around with the template to test some OpenGL functionality. The best OpenL reference is of course the ‘OpenGL programmers Guide’, addison-wesley. If you’re short on money,the OpenGL 1.1 edition can be found here:
It will help you figure the basics. Keep in mind that most of the things in this book(1.1 version) are deprecated both literally and in reality so if you’re serious about it,the next step is to buy the latest edition. Personally I would wait until the OpenGL3 edition comes out. Up until version 2.1 OpenGL was fully backwards compatible, so any existing knowledge could be used with later versions but this is not the case with OpenGL3 and you may find that a lot of things you have learned are not used anymore…However keep in mind that version 2.1 will be around for a long time.

Thank you
I’ve made some progresses. I’ve managed to compile a sample and it is running.
But the sample is running thru GLUT.
If I’ve understanted correctly, GLUT is a utility API supposed to make opengl easyer to newbies like me.
The thing is, I want to use opengl directly without any utilities.
The file opengl32.dll/lib is the opengl file for windows? I can use these headers/libs to make a opengl app?

If you want to bypass glut there’s a minimal win32 example in the link above, as well as examples ranging from rendering to a bitmap to getting wgl info - scads of other goodies in between too.