First real speed test

I finaly implimented my new file format. I optomized a 3ds model of a sphere, then saved it. This way you don’t have to wait for it to smooth and weld vertices(my algorithm is slow…it uses the linear sort).

The program runs in 800x600x16 mode. Please tell me your system and fps.

Speed Demo

It’s possible for you to save your own rm2 files with my program just so you can test the speed of your own custom models.

Here are the steps you take:
-Drop down the console with the ‘~’ key(only on American keyboards…sorry )
-to open your own 3ds file, type “load3ds filename”
-if the model is to big, use the scale command…just type scale and it will give you instructions if you don’t know exactly how to use it
-for the best optimization you’ll want to smooth the model by using the ‘smooth’ command. This one can take a while. I wouldn’t recommend smoothing anything over 10,000 polygons.
-next use the “align” command. This command removes all redundent elements, not vertices. Elements are: color, vertex, normal and uv. If any set of elements are similar to any other set, it will only save it one.
-the final step is to save it as an rm2 file. Type “save filename” at the command line.
-to load the rm2 file again, type “loadrm2 filename”

…the ‘a’ ‘s’ ‘d’ ‘spacebar’ keys move your position. I didn’t bother to take it out for the demo. If you’re going to give me frames per second, make sure you don’t move your position first.

Thank you much .

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Athlon 1Ghz
256 MB at 133
Intel 740

59fps constant.

p.s. add “quit” into your console commands!


It is

Except it’s “/quit”

I was going though a Q3A console command phase .

constant 61 fps

Athlon 1.2Ghz
Geforce 2 32Mb

about 60fps… win2k on p3 500, with a nice little gf2 mx 12.00

but i dont have a ~ button… damn…

I was THIS close to making mine a q3a console, then I realized how much I hated typing ‘/’

Ah yes, vsync must be turned off for the highest fps to be seen

How does Nvidia get that porche to draw so fast? It has like 100,000 polygons in it or something.

I’m using CVAs. Are VARs faster for Nvidia cards?

I apreciate your benchmarks . I can’t wait to release my library .

davepermen, someone in here can tell you what the equivilent to the ~ is. It’s like ALT+RIGHT SHIFT or ALT+FORWARD SLASH.


Does your prog really need to run in 16bit? My graphicscard can’t run in anything else than 32bit.

But yes, VAR is faster than CVA. You should really take a look at the performance faq, found at
With VAR it is pretty easy to spin a 100.000 triangle model.

Has great info there.

I threw it into 16bit mode so it would do ok on the older boards.

I guess I’m gonna have to impliment VAR then =D.

Here’s a 32 bit version for ya.

I changed the “/quit” command to be “quit”. I think I made it possible for non-USA keyboards to drop the console down with the default Q3A console key.

I also re-enabled the fly mode so you can fly around your models.

right button = forward
spacebar = up according to angle
a = strafe left
d = strafe right
s = backwards

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A few secs after startup, I get 97-100 fps.

32Bit color, on my Diamond FireGL1. 750Mhz Duron, Win2K.

After a smooth, it seems to drop with about 10fps.
My card doesn’t have any CVA btw.

A “smooth” alone will cause the model to draw slower. You need to use the “align” command after a smooth to speed it up.

100fps for a card that has no CVA is very good IMO .

FYI. My program spits out a file with the name of your vid card manufacture. You can edit it with notepad to see what extensions your card supports.

I should prolly just have it write that into the console instead from now on.

Athlon 650
TNT 2 Ultra

4 fps (Generic Microsoft driver)
48 fps (Detonator 3 drivers)

The drivers do make the difference…
My originals from creative must suck.

Intel P2 400
192 MB
Geforce II MX 32MB

160 fps (vsync disabled)

in console around 70fps )


PIII 500, 256MB RAM, GeForce 2 GTS 64MB
160 fps (VSync disabled)

That’s in 16-bit mode. I get 158 fps with your 32-bit app. When I get my T-Bird 1200 back in a few days I’ll test it again for you.

BTW, everyone getting ~60fps should test it with VSync off for a more accurate result.


Windows 2000
Geforce 256 SDR
128 RAM
Logitech keyboard + mouse

158 fps…

Uhmmm… We love c++? Why not make multiple consoles? F1 for command, F2 for chat. That way the world is great… Well at least this is what i did…

Win2k/SP1, AMD 1.0Ghz, 256Mb RAM, GeForce2 GTS/3Mb

16 bit - 58 FPS
32 Bit - 60 Fps

192 MB Ram 100 Mhz
GeForce2MX 32MB SD Ram

about 145 fps

Why don’t you disable the Vsync in your Program?

Take care