first-person view question

I have a stationary object (“track”) and a moving object (“bird”). I would like to get a first person camera view from the bird’s view point so that we view the track as we move around.

First, I would have thought that I can just set the camera position at the bird’s origin using glLookAt(birdX, birdY, birdZ, …) and the set the near edge of my frustrum past the bird. Why doesn’t this work? No matter how far I set the near edge, I still seem to be inside the bird staring at the inside surface of its polygons. Why?

I’ll post later my other questions–thanks. If you have any general hints on the best way to do a first-person view, those would be appreciated as well.


err, probably because you are inside the bird? Have you though about not drawing the bird when in first person mode?