First OpenGL Application Crashes on wglCreateContext()

I’ve just started to play with OpenGL here at work and I have opened the source for NeHe’s first lesson (open an OpenGL window). However, since this is my first time using OpenGL on this computer, I think I might need to update some drivers, or my drivers are corrupt.
The program crashes on the wglCreateContext() call with an illegal instruction application error. I have WinNT 4.0 with SP4 and an ATI Rage 128 Pro (although I can’t find updated drivers on ATI’s website).

Should I be worried about the drivers since I assume that this code will work on MSVC++ 6.0?

Which drivers should I focus on the OpenGL 1.1 drivers for NT or the ATI drivers? I can’t find either of those drivers on the net, so I’ll have to look hard to find what I need…

Thanks in advance,
Mark Lennox

I have since installed the latest drivers from ATI, and they have OpenGL setup options, but I still am having no luck getting it to work. I still get the “Illegal Instruction” on the wglCreateContext() statement. Both the C++ and VB code from NeHe doesn’t work for me.


Are you running on a Pentium III? If so you should upgrade to a later service pack for NT.