I’m using Firefox & right now it seems to be very slow. Is GL adaptable to Firefox? Thanks!

my 2 cents. Compared to Chrome, Firefox sucks for javascript development - the inbuilt javascript console is lousy, js performance is bad, and webgl behaves bizarrely and draws strange artifacts even with simple shaders (for me a total newbie keep in mind).

Chrome all the way.

Firefox 3.01 wins hands down compared to IE8 & Chrome, they are just not quick enough, also when it comes to mod’s & addons, they fail miserably.

Interesting to see the comment regarding FireFox and Chrome performance. Currently I’m experimenting with WebGL ahead of developing a visualisation framework for a project. Early examples created using the ThreeJS framework as a base has certainly raised some questions about performance in FireFox. Frequently Chrome 15.0 performs at double the framerate of FireFox 8.0.1. I have particular examples with more complex scenes where there is a noticeable pause before rendering in FireFox (1-2 seconds), where rendering is instant in Chrome, followed by 50+ FPS in Chrome and 15~ FPS in FireFox.

This could be specific to my testing platform (MacBookPro/13"/8Gb/Early 2011 model) but with my ‘user’ hat on, FireFox feels significantly slower.

Also to note on my MacBook FireFox fails to antialias frames, where as Chrome is happily antialiasing everything.