FireFox 4 beta 9, no OpenGL on Linux

I really like this spirit of “OpenGL accelerates Internet”, it’s like OpenGL becomes required for 100% for the computers, or it’s about to become mandatory:…#comment-349829

But most drivers are yet too buggy for enabling OpenGL on Linux apparently. The good news is that thanks to the “OpenGL accelerates Internet” effect, I guess drivers will have to progress on that area! :slight_smile:

Things I’ve tried with WebGL on Firefox 3.7-4.0beta or Chromium/Chrome (on top of NVidia GL drivers) don’t crash anything and generally work fine. Though when Firefox doesn’t display the GL app properly or runs slow, Chrome works well and faster in my experience. That said, I haven’t sampled the WebGL world in a month or so with Firefox/Chrome. I’m not a WebGL developer or regular WebGL user yet.

It would be interesting to see a breakout of the issues by vendor, with details as to whether its a driver bug or an app bug misusing/abusing the driver.

Some more information following FireFox 4 beta 10 release.

With GLX, blacklist everything but NVIDIA proprietary driver

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