Fire GL2 + Dual Monitor + OpenGL= Problems

My company runs dual monitors. Has anyone else had these problems? Also, since I am new I am always looking for tutorials. So far I have been studying NEHE.

I almost forgot. I code in VB now and will very soon be coding in C#. Tutorials in those will be most helpful.

Oh No! FireGL2’s !!

I had the joy ahem of using FireGL2’s at work, and have also had severe problems with them.

I have found that they tended to cause an awful lot of system instabilities when trying to run OpenGL (or anything else for that matter). I think I’ve tried every single driver that ATI have ever released for them, still the same old problems. Some drivers cause less crashes than others but I kinda resigned myself to using ctrl+s an awful lot. I’ve never seen such a bad piece of hardware in my life.

I solved the FireGL2 problem by spending my own money on an alternative card so that I actually do some 3D stuff at work, not had a single problem since

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Thanks for your input. I just spent several hours on the phone with HP and ATI. They said they will work on the problem. If they can’t fix it, it looks like we need to buy alot of new video cards here.