Finding some source code for OpenGL and GNOME

anyone have any good examples of source code that i might follow to get started off. just started programming in linux and need to see how OpenGL is implemented through GNOME

“How OpenGL is implemented through GNOME”

I don’t understand this. OpenGL and GNOME really don’t have anything to do with each other.

Unless you’re talking about putting an OpenGL canvas inside a GNOME app, in which case you should start at

For straight OpenGL stuff, you can always start with NeHe’s tutorials at, or you can take a look at some of the GPLed games that are out there:

You can also find the source to Quake online, but I haven’t got a link off-hand

sorry for my ignorance, i guess both might use “X” im not sure just started off learnin this stuff, i just need some good code using GTK as the primary interface and OpenGL (simple grfx routines) i was looking at it from OpenGL app sits on top of GNOME as the application from a whole.

would u reccomend using canvas or do the nehe demos? for speed and efficiency purposes only

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you ever thought about using glut for windowing and glow for a toolkit for widgets…


i would really like some help because right now my plan is to utilize glade for GUI source, anjuta for my ide, and i want to make apps working with OpenGL. and it has been hard for me to find simple programs and source, because everything seems to be scattered, through out the i-net. kinda like the linux file system, very huge! i want to use GNOME, but can an box using KDE run with an GNOME app, if not is that a good reason for running GLUT and GLOW for my GUI part. the grafix part is what i am after all i want to do is open up an window and draw something using some buffers (pixel) and make some pretty little animations, maybe even some sprites, i dont even have to touch triangles, i just want something so i know i am moving in the right direction.

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