Finding information on Windows.h

Where can I find full documentation on windows.h without having to look in the header file and seeing what I can do in there. It is a really big file… or winuser.h is.

Through there are a lot of resources and I am going to use them to learn the basics. I was wondering if there was a book or online resource that goes in to more detail on the use of windows.h and OpenGL.

The resources that I have found don’t go in to all of the options of the functions and what ever choices you can have. Through the ones they do give are good for OpenGL, I just don’t like knowing what I’m not doing.

Enter the function, type or constant name in the search box, and you will get (most of) the info you need.

The information on MSDN is a joke at best.

Or I could just be using it wrong. I’m going to try it again and do what you say. If it works then I learned two things today. One you can actually count on Microsoft support.

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windows.h is a Microsoft windows header and is used only when writing a program that run’s under windows.

Microsoft would be the logical source to start, also a windows programming site would be the next bet.

Also pick up a good book on windows programming or a copy of Microsoft Visual C.

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sadly I have a book on Visual C++ but it only talks about working with the program itself and not programming with windows.h. It does talk about working with GDI and using textboxes or other GDI stuff.

What I have found on Microsoft web site was not as detailed as I would have liked. I book that could be of some use would be OpenGL game Programming as there are some programs that use WinMain… I guess I should buy it anyway because I am making a game. Yet another book that I will have to read and discard when I discover that it isn’t useful.

Is “OpenGL Programming for Windows 95 and Windows NT” A good book to buy on this subject matter. I know it is an old book but it should fit the bill very nicely.

If it’s just Win32 programming in general you are looking at learning. “Windows Programming” by Charles Petzold is one of the best books on the subject. I’d go almost so far as to say that it is to Win32 programming what the Red Book is to the OpenGL API.

Edit: MSDN is a great reference for getting the details of individual functions, but if you are totally clueless when it comes to the actual structure of a Win32 program, it probably isn’t the best tool to learn from.

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