Finding a good 3D modler?

Can anyone point me to a freeware/shareware 3D modler that is fairly decent?

What I want to do is create a cube that has holes cut in it, and I tried milkshape, but I just can’t get it to do what I want.

Are there any others? I can’t afford maya, or any of the other packages.

there are tons out there, but you can try this

Have you tried Blender? It seems to be pretty good, and its free.


sPatch is a very excellent 3-D modeller. It outputs to 3DS, RAW, and DXF formats. It’s a little scarce on the 'net these days, but if you do an internet search, one of the links will have it… It’s similar to Moray, but you can leave the model blank (Not textured) and then map it with a texture in OpenGL.

Other than the fact that I’m building one myself ( I think one of the best ones is Anim8or ( Steven works at nVidia and really knows his OpenGL. Anim8or is free and support some popular file formats (3DS, etc.).


I tried the ones above, and it seems that moray will do the CSG, but that program isn’t exactly intuitive. The output format isn’t supported by anything I have yet, so that is another minus, not to mention that it wants povray for output. Other than that, it is OK.

Thanks for the links though, still searching.

Hmm, just found Peak3D… this may be able to do what I need after all.

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