Find Certain File Extensions

This is more a C++ question, but ive had such good luck on these boards i figured i would post it here…
Im working on a program, and i need it to search through a folder and find all the files that end with a certain extension (.ase)… how do i get it to just go file by file and see if they end in .ase?

another thing i just realized… i have a class called “model” to hold all the info about a model that is imported… the problem is, in the .ase file, there is a name for the model… i also need to bring that name in, and then assign it as
model (whatever the name is);
how would i do this? this is how i have it, it tries to re-define “modelname”

char modelname[255];
when i try fscanf(FILE, “%s”, &modelname);
model modelname;

any ideas?
thanks again!

Those question has nothing with OpenGL!
But I’ll help You.
To Find the file files *.ase You should do this:

#include <dir.h>

ffblk f;
done = findfirst("*.ase", &f, NULL);
while (!done)
// f.ff_name holds the file name
done = findnext(&f);

The second. I don’t know ASE structure. You should check this for example in
To read the model name You have to know the adress of the chunk which keeps this and read this by function fread.


dir /s *.ase