FF vs. shader texture update problem

I have a volume rendering application using 3D textures. My loader populates the texture slice by slice. After initializing my 3D texture to black, the views are created.

When the program’s running, i display 4 views of the dataset, one 3D (w/volume rendering shader), and 3x 2D (one for each axis). At startup, i have a background process retrieving slices of data from imaging hardware and loading them to the texture.

My problem is that during the load process while slices are coming in, only the 2D views (which do not use shaders) reflect those updates as they occur. The 3D view (which uses shader-based volume rendering) does not display any updates until the load operation completes, at which point my shader instantly finds all the data that has been loaded.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on here?

Sounds like threading/sharelists shenanigans to me.