Feedback when out of window

If I draw two points, the first one is out of the window, the second one is inside the window. In FEEDBACK mode, what are the values in feedback buffer?

  1. Slot one: wrong value of point1
    Slot two: right value of point2

  2. Slot one: right value of point2
    Slot two: no value

What one is right? Or they are both wrong?

Mr. Yao. Please take time to read chapter 13 of the Redbook. It is very specific regarding the answer you’re looking for. Also, this is not an advanced question. In the future try posting your questions to the beginners forum. If it cannot be answered there then you can try here.


BTW:The red book can be found online.I don’t have a link right now but a search on google will come up with a few.

What is the full name of the “Red Book”? Does anyone know the link to this book online? Thanks!

Go to this site:-

and type this into the little box:-

“the red book” opengl

This will give you an answer - you don’t need us.
Use this same technique for other questions you may have - you’d be surprised how many of them have been answered before!