Feedback problems

Hi, i’ve got a real problem with feedback. To turn a complicated scene into a set of simple objects, I turn feedback on, draw the scene, turn it off and parse the array for polygons, then I triangulate them. The only problem is this: I use GL_3D_COLOR_TEXTURE mode, but i get huge ‘x’ and ‘y’ values for the vertices, and then really small ones for the ‘z’ value. I’ve looked through the red book, and I’m certain I’m setting up feedback right, but why would I get such strange values for vertices? The color values are fine.
Thanks in advance!

Does it help if you disable a few rendering options ? Or you can try rendering just a quad with all options enabled and checking the results manually.
Also, how big is “huge” – the feedback result is in window coordinates, not in eye or even clip coordinates, so x and y may be anything depending on viewport setup.

Hi, this is going to sound really stupid but i didn’t realise the returned vertices were in window coordinates! I’m just using gluUnProject to change them into world coordinates.