i’m currently trying to import models i nto Maya 2011, unfortunately the models provided have been built using FCollada, the only problem is how the TEXCOORD data is stored.

<vertices id=“Geometry-vertices”>
<input semantic=“POSITION” source="#GeometrySource" />
<input semantic=“NORMAL” source="#GeometrySource1" />
<input semantic=“TEXCOORD” source="#GeometrySource2" />
<input semantic=“COLOR” source="#GeometrySource3" />
<triangles material=“VisualMaterial0” count=“1019”>
<input semantic=“VERTEX” source="#Geometry-vertices" offset=“0” />


loading the model in blender and re-expoerting can solve this, but models with animation data can take up to 30 minutes to load in blender.

thanks in advance

This is valid.

Looks like you need to report a bug in Maya 2011.

i don’t think it’s maya, as i ran it through the collada Coherency Test application and it flags the same problem with how the mesh is represented. thanks again

Yes but Maya does not have a conforming import or exporter at this time so it’s understandable for Autodesk to have a bug like this.

It looks like valid XML according to the COLLADA schema from what you showed. You can prove that to yourself by validating the entire document in any XML validation tool or editor.

ps: Sounds like it’s a bug in the old coherency test program too.

i’m using OpenCollada maya importer 1.3 (release candidate) do you know of any better importers freely available or am a best just using blender as a format cleaner?

Ah then the place to report OpenCOLLADA bugs is http://code.google.com/p/opencollada/issues/list

OpenCOLLADA and FBX are the leading Maya plugins that are free downloads afaik.

I believe Maya comes with COLLADA import and export (via FBX) so have you tried that instead? There may be a new version of the FBX plugin that you can download from http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc … d=10775855 .

yeah my first attempts to load the model were using fbx_dae, which has the same issues. i’ll post a bug report where you suggested. thanks again for your time.