FCollada vs Collada DOM

I was hoping someone could provide a comparison between the FCollada and Collada DOM APIs.

So far I understand that FCollada is simpler, but does that mean its lacking features?

I can’t analyze FCollada because I haven’t worked with it much, but let me share what I consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the DOM.

Pros:[ul][li]Free and open source[/:m:nxcw20t5][/li][li]Cross platform (Windows static lib/dll, Linux static/shared lib, Mac framework, PS3 static lib)[/:m:nxcw20t5][/li][li]Responsive support (me!)[/:m:nxcw20t5][/li][li]Much easier to use than it used to be (2.0 has tons of usability improvements)[/:m:nxcw20t5][/li][li]Supports every element in Collada[/:m:nxcw20t5][/ul]Cons:[ul][]Type system makes some code awkward to write[/:m:nxcw20t5][/li][li]Doesn’t support working with multiple versions of the Collada schema in the same app[/:m:nxcw20t5][/li][li]Somewhat strange naming scheme (DAE, daeElement, domNode, domFx_sampler2D_common)[/:m:nxcw20t5][/li][]Binaries are pretty big for what it actually provides in functionality[/*:m:nxcw20t5][/ul]Steve