FBX Converter and Collada


I found out by reading http://www.alias.com/eng/support/motion … cation.htm that FBX Converter is now supposed to support the Collada format.

Yet, by using the free FBX Converter version available for download on their website (FBX Converter 6), I couldn’t see anything related to Collada.

Do I need to have MotionBuilder 7.5 to convert from FBX to Collada or do you know any other way to convert FBX data to Collada?

Thanks in advance!

I could get a hand on the latest converter which indeed supports Collada.
Yet it seems to only export a single animation.
I hope it will get better…

I understand that the FBX->COLLADA exporter is in early stages, but should soon provide good COLLADA export from Motionbuilder.

Maybe you would have better luck using a DCC tool, like XSI, Maya to import the FBX, and then export to COLLADA ? Hopefully in the future you will not have to do this intermediary step. As always, please let know your Autodesk contact that you need the COLLADA exporter to work out of Motionbuilder, the more people ask for it, the more they work on it…

Hi Guys,

I have a couple of problems and truly hope that at least some can be resolved.

  1. I can’t seem to setup the collada plugin with motionbuilder.
    It requires motionbuilder 7.5, and I have motionbuilder 7.5 extension 2. There is no such plugin realeased at the moment for 7.5 extension 2. Does this mean I need to compile it out of the source code?

  2. I’ve had trouble trying to export multiple animations from one maya file into the one dae file, but finally successed in doing it with trax clips. Now my other issue is, how can I export multiple motionbuilder FBX animation files from motionbuilder into the one dae file? Because all the animations are contained in seperate fbx files, I don’t see how I can get all the animations from a certain directory to be mapped and plotted onto my character in motionbuilder, and then exported into a dae file that collada recognizes as seperate clips for each animation.

The second problem is high priority. Could I get help with this please?