fbo shared across GL contexts

hi, my next problem is with fbo.

i have multiple contexts, one fbo (shared with no problems), one texture as color attachment (shared with no problems) and one render buffer for depthbuffer. and this depth buffer is not shared. for every context i must bind it an call glRenderbufferStorageEXT(…) why is this? …does it consume memory for every context?? i thought, that it is as with textures and other share-able staff…

antoher question is: why i must attach textures and buffers to fbo for every context? i thought, that it is enough to attach it just for the main context.

are these bugs or is it ok, i didn’t find any good info about these in spec.

runnig gf 6600gt, 81.85

thank you.

i think taht this could be solved with depth texture used instead of renderbuffer. but why are renderbuffers not shared? …they are “shared”, their IDs are valid in different contexts, but i must call the storage function for every context :frowning: dunno, if it eats memory for every context…