FBO, PBO, Texture Upload / Download Profiler


There has been a fair amount of posts on here recently regarding upload/download speeds using PBO’s and the like.

I’ve knocked together a little profiler that will test various upload/read back cases, including using PBOs, FBOs, Pow2 and NPow2 textures with different internal and external formats.

It compiles under Linux with (make) and has been tested with the Nvidia 7667 drivers.

It is written against the OpenGL 2.0 spec and compiles with the gl.h, glu.h and glext that come with the nvidia driver.

The profile tests are just quick and dirty versions and are not currently optimal (in fact in several cases they are probably very un-optimal).

If anyone finds this useful or has suggestions / improvements I’d be very interested in them.

Click on the link below to download the file.




Jack Greasley

Shuh! I wanted to try this, but the file seem to have vanished. Anybody knows where I can find the program or another speed test?