FBO on NVIDIA Ti4200 & Linux

I just downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver for my Mandrake system (1.5.3 NVIDIA 71.74), but I don’t get EXT_framebuffer_object. (?)

Is it not supported in that driver, or is my system (GeForce 4200 Ti) not supported?

Another question: Does anybody know how long til OpenGL 2.0 on NVIDIA (I already have 2.0 on my ATI at work)?

FBO and OpenGL 2.0 is only supported in the beta drivers 75.90 and above, which are only available for windows at this time…

In addition to that, you’ll need a GF FX or above for OpenGL 2.0 support.

do you know if nvidia has any plans to support opengl 2.0 to lower-end/older cards than FX ?


>>opengl 2.0 to lower-end
nv3x/4x generation supported since det75(unaviable for Linux for now)
>>older cards than FX ?
Never. GLSL(fragment part) can’t be(ok, it can - but is very complicated and unsuful for nvidia business) implemented on hardware lower then nv3x.

/me nods

good to know and it makes sense. thanks a lot.


Nvidia has release the driver for linux , it support the FBO and OpenGL 2.0

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