Fatal exceptions with opengl and voodoo2

What’s happening is, anytime I try to run an opengl app that uses the standard 3dfx gl file or a glide3x (glide2x works fine as does direct3d) app I get a fatal exception in GLIDE3X.DLL or just a black screen. I’ve installed DX8 and all the latest drivers for everything in the system and ran glsetup but I still get the same thing everytime. The odd part of it is, it only happends with the actual 3dfx opengl file in the system directory… Anything that uses a minigl works fine (i.e. Half-life, Quake 2). I’ve also tried changing the memory address for the card but that didn’t work either.

Here’s the specs for the system,
AMD K6 333
QDI T-IB+ Motherboard
64MB Ram
Diamond Viper 330 (Riva 128)
3DFX V2 12MB
Win98 OPK

Any help will be greatly apperciated.