Fatal error and crashes

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

I have
Linux 18.2
Intel i5
NVIDIA GTX 1050 (2 GB)
driver NVIDIA 455.45.01
Vulkan 1.1.73
Steam -> War Thunder installed

Game is running a while and then I get following fatal error:

Ask the game developers for support.

1.1.73 seems pretty old. Try to update packages.

I have tried all to update, but found nothing, where I can get the Vulkan API to 2.0 :frowning:

Has anyone an idea how to manually update vulkan? System is up to date (all updated and upgraded).

The Vulkan implementation is provided by your graphics driver, so updating graphics drivers is what affects the version. For recent Nvidia drivers I would expect a patch version > 100 and possibly a minor version of 2, e.g. 1.2.1xy.
How did you determine the Vulkan version?
If I had to guess I’d suspect this might be running on the integrated GPU in your i5 (do i5 CPUs have one?), if so you could try disabling that in the BIOS.

Hi Carsten,
thanks for your hint. We secured that the GPU on i5 is not used.
I detected the version via vulkaninfo on terminal.

Hmm, strange. All I can say is that there seems something wrong with your nvidia driver, because if you compare the Vulkan versions listed at vulkan.gpuinfo.org for your GPU you should get a much higher version.
Is this perhaps running the nouveau driver instead of the nvidia proprietary one? You can run lsmod | grep nouveau to see if that driver is loaded. If nouveau is active you’ll have to disable it, so that the nvidia driver can take over.

Hi Carsten,
no nouveau driver found or soemthing similar. But I can see the nvidia-driver active. Even when I check it via X-server, the nvidia driver is active with this version.
What I really do not understand, why the system does not upgrade the vulkan driver automatically. And I have found absolute no possibility to manually upgrade the vulkan driver.

I see. I’m afraid I’m pretty much out of ideas on this one.
I assume you have installed the nvidia driver through some distribution package mechanism? BTW which linux distribution is this (linux mint?). If that is the case you could try uninstalling those distribution packages for the driver and instead directly install the driver downloaded from nvidia.
The details how to do this depend on your linux distribution, but you should be able to find guides online - for Mint I saw this one, although it may be for a different release of the distro than you are using.
Obviously you should only attempt this kind of advanced surgery if you feel confident that you can deal with issues if they crop up along the way AND have backed up your data :wink:

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