Fast rendering 2D layers.


I’m trying to write a very fast document viewer in linux. My intention to to provide a two layer environment, with the bottom layer containing images and the top layer containing rendered text that is then alpha-blended as an overlay above the image layer.

I have been working with XShm on linux, and have all of the DRI libraries installed. I’ve been getting very good rendering speeds with a single pixmap… I think about 17ms for a 1024x768 window. But now I want to do this layering and blending, and want to figure out what the fastest approach will be.

Does anyone know if any of the openGL libraries in linux provide mechanisms that will let me render pixmap layers to the display very quickly? I don’t really need any fancy 3d stuff, just to be able to display a layered page and possibly scroll around. Also, any suggestions about fast font rendering would be very helpful.

Thanks so much,