Fast OpenGL with DirectDraw/Direct3D?

I’m trying to make my OpenGL work fast on my S3 ProSavageDDR with not much of success (It seems that OpenGL is not favorite for S3). I’ve heard that it is possible to render OpenGL directly into DirectDraw or Direct3D surface to get some speedup (They say that some commercial projects do that).
But as I understand you can’t simply take the DC from surface, initialize OpenGL, draw, and then release the DC each frame.
So how can I do that? If you have some tips, links or source code it would be great.

Try GLDirect.

It’s basically an OpenGL Client using Direct3D.

I’ve tested GLDirect 5.0.2 evaluation version already.
Well, the application witch was running ~10 fps now runs ~20 (in window). In fullscreen I see the same thing. Of course, it’s better than nothing, but still not good enough.
I guess this is a video card problem, so you really can’t make it better.

Right, S3 is usually not the best choice for graphics performance. The speedup you got with GLDirect indicates that at least they put some more effort into their D3D drivers than their GL drivers. So if you can locate some later or better D3D drivers from S3/VIA you should see that reflected through GLDirect.

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