Fast and easy soft shadow-mapping


I was searching for soft shadow-mapping here and over the net. But I did not find something easy or fast enough for me. The most interresting thing I found is at this link:

But it is under Directx and I really don’t know how to blur in OpenGL, and I even don’t know if it will be fast enough or if it will be good enough. I mean for closed or far shadows or for little or big objects, simple or complicated ones.

The current shadow-mapping I have is quite good, the shadow limits are also quite soft for long walls. But as soon as the geometry is small and complexe everything becomes a bit uggly.

I really hope to get good advices.

“fast, pretty and easy” is a contradiction in terms :wink:

Great rundown of the prevailing techniques here

P.S. You can always use Cg/CgFX as a bridge from DX to the GL world. HLSL/FX files seem to compile pretty much as is, while your current GL plumbing (buffers, textures, render targets, etc.) remains in tact. It’s one way to flatten the learning curve, anyway.