Fast 2D Graphics

Hi people,
I´m working on a medical application that demands very fast 2D Graphics. It´s a video playback that must show 30 frames/s. the frames are huge bitmaps: 1024x1024 , gray scale (8bits per pixel). I´m thinking about OpenGL as an alternative for windows GDI. Is it possible to draw fast 2D graphics using open GL? Is it possible using a 3D approach ? ( for example , treating my frames as a texture over a 3D plane)Is there a separate group of OpenGL functions for 2D applications ? Let´s say GL_BitBlt()… :smiley:
Thanks a lot people …

Yes, texturing is the best approach. I’ve succesfully loaded multiple 2048x2048 and the application rocks. So if you’re thinking about just one texture…don’t, just do it. Also you might want to read about texture filtering operations and texture compression, though I doubt the latter since you’re talking about medical applications. Of course it all depends on the memory of the video card. But any 2-3 year old mainstream card should serve you rather well.