F'Asm + Vulkan API, Win32Surface return 0x1 but KHR surface invalid

Hello world

When I try use vkCreateWin32SurfaceKHR it returns 0x1 to variable, but when i call vkCreateSwapchainKHR it return error
ObjectTracker(INFO): object: 0x1 type: 26 location: 262 msgCode: 0: OBJ[0x6] : CREATE SurfaceKHR object 0x1
ObjectTracker(ERROR): object: 0x40213d type: 26 location: 328 msgCode: 4: Invalid SurfaceKHR Object 0x40213d
0x40213d - VkSwapchainKHR* pSwapchain - Returned 0x1

My source + fasm + configurated debug layers: dropmefiles.com /HrnJF

ASM. :rolleyes: You have too much free time, my friend.

Anyway. Do an api_dump and post it.
Should be bit clearer than the INFO reports, though it looks like you are using wrong Surface handle.

I assume other Vulkan aplications work normally (e.g. cube demo). And you have latestngreatest drivers and SDK.

Ye, samples work great and games too(dota 2, i am really have a lot of time). How I can create “api_dump”?

vkTrace layer, or run it with renderdoc

Ok, i have .vktrace file but i don’t understand how i can upload it here, sorry

VK_LAYER_LUNARG_api_dump is just one of the layers (which can be enabled when creating VkInstance). It just outputs all calls and parameters to stdout…
The trace should be similar, except more sophisticated (you need vkreplay/vktraceviewer to open)…

Speaking of which I can’t open your trace (saying it is from obsolete SDK 1.0.30). Update the SDK and/or try the api_dump layer instead please.

Ruins007 can i see the fasm sources ?
Vulkan 64 bit or 32 bit ?

He posted those above: dropmefiles.com/HrnJF

SDK .vktrace dropmefiles.com/bF4ui
Vulkan x64