FAQ (zipped) mirror?

This FAQ Link doesnt work… Can someone give me mirror where I can download zipped FAQ.

Thank you.

That link works for me. Try again please and post your results.

Please click this link and try PDF FAQ or Zipped PDF FAQ . They dont work, at least for me…

Thank you for your response.

the last effectively doesn’t work.

For me, first link works
2nd and 3rd don’t at home and in office.

Originally posted by jide:
the last effectively doesn’t work.

Very nice… Now we all know that links dont work… Anyone with mirror (local copy of zip file)? :smiley:

The opengl link works.
So I guess this thread should be closed as the other links seem to have nothing to do with this forum but are just links on a page of this site. Do you think they should already take care about the thousand links there are on this site ??
Just contact the involved persons (maybe the admins).

Also, I may haven’t to say that, but if you don’t have any ftp capability, don’t expect any ftp link to work…

For jide and all others that don’t see that there is actually a problem :
This link works :
BUT on this page, there are links to zipped FAQ and PDF FAQ that do not work. Apparently the FAQ maintainer is no longer at the place he was.

sorry for the mess.

@ZbuffeR Thank you!

@jide I know how to use ftp client.

I just wanted mirror or local copy from someone (previous post)

Nevermind, I will use german translation :rolleyes: