Fail to load DDS with NV_DDS utility under linux

Hi All. I posted this question on SO but got no answer so I am asking it here.Hopefully someone can shed some light.I am using nvidia DDS load utility to load DDS (DXT5).On windows 7 it works great.But now I cross compile my engine on Linux platform (Ubuntu 12.10)
and it fails at DDS header read.

This block :

    // open file    FILE *fp = fopen(filename.c_str(),"rb");
    if (fp == NULL) {
        return false;
    // read in file marker, make sure its a DDS file
    char filecode[4];
    fread(filecode, 1, 4, fp);
    if (strncmp(filecode, "DDS ", 4) != 0) {
        return false;
    // read in DDS header
    DDS_HEADER ddsh;

    fread(&ddsh, 1,sizeof( DDS_HEADER ), fp);//sizeof( DDS_HEADER )

First fread() reads the “magic word” all right.But the second one fills ddsh header struct with wrong data.How can it be? The utility is said to be Windows/Linux compatible.Maybe the header size is interpreted differently between the platforms?Anyone can test it on Ubuntu and confirm it works or not ?Thanks.

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