Facing issue while working with 3D in QT with Toradex environment

Dear members,

We are seeking your guidance.

While working with the default Example provided by QT of OpenGL wireframe (https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qt3d-wireframe-example.html) is working perfectly fine with QT-5.15 in our desktop system (we are using an Ubuntu Linux system).

Now we want to run this example in an embedded system (Toradex make Verdin IMX8M PLUS). When we run the same example in Toradex, we are not getting any wireframe output or errors.

For the above-mentioned purpose, we need your guidance and support to run 3D wireframe with OpenGLES in Toradex.

Specifications of Toradex System:

  • Embedded Linux 5.4.193

  • Board: Verdin IMX8M PLUS

  • OpenGLES 3.1 V6.4.3.p4.398061

  • Qt (v5.15)

Using the default RHI backend the result is a log output:

QEGLPlatformContext: Failed to create context: 3005
QEGLPlatformContext: Failed to create context: 3005
QRhiGles2: Failed to create temporary context
QEGLPlatformContext: Failed to create context: 3005
QRhiGles2: Failed to create context
Qt3D.Renderer.RHI.Backend: Initializing RHI with OpenGL backend

The QT Support team has raised the bug report: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-111684

Hmm, the log seams fairly clear: Qt is not able to create a EGL context. Can you run any OpenGL ES application on the system or do they all fail?
Error 3005 looks like EGL_BAD_CONFIG, which would suggest you are requesting a framebuffer configuration that is not supported by your embedded system.

If it is only Qt that fails to create an EGL context you could try using the OpenGL backend (instead of the RHI one), by setting the environment variable QT3D_RENDERER=opengl or alternatively (!) keep the RHI backend but try different APIs for it, e.g. set environment variable QSG_RHI_BACKEND=gles2 - see Qt3DRender docs for all the options.

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