F I X for Counter Strike OpenGL problem!!!!!!

I’ve found a fix for the problem of the monitor turning off randomly in Counter Strike, the posts can be found here:

Here’s how to fix it:

LET EVERYONE KNOW, for XP users with nVidia drivers, that a service called Nvidia Driver Helper Service NEEDS to be disabled, thereby fixing said problem that has plagued the world of counterstrike within Windows XP!
>> I have done like everyone else, frantic search on net, updated drivers, tweaked till my hearts content, no avail! Came across a Service within XP that was running cancelled it, took my hunch to my CounterStrike Icon, clicked, woot woot, I was playing about 5 hours non-stop!! Hope this solves your probs as well, maybe same type of service running for other Graphic Cards!

To do this on my PC go to start/run/msconfig/select services tab/untick creative Nvidia driver help service (in my case)/ok