Eyefish matrix?

I would like to render a scene using an eyefish camera, this is a camera with a 180 degrees of field of view, but with a projection hemisphere instead of a projection plane (pin-hole camera). How can I do this in OpenGL?

I think a fisheye lense is a non-linear projection, so to get a full 180-degree view, you may have to render in pieces and then piece the result together by stretching it.

Look up “dual paraboloid mapping”, an environment mapping technique that uses two maps rendered with a 180-degree FOV. I have a dual paraboloid shadow mapping demo on www.delphi3d.net , for example, which contains a vertex shader that implements the kind of projection you want.

Like endash said, though, the projection is nonlinear. If you want to implement it in a vertex shader then you need to make sure your geometry is tessellated finely enough to avoid artefacts.

– Tom