Extrusion of gluQuadric quadrics


I’m looking to make an extrusion of a gluQuadric quadric object, like a gluPartialDisk, but the only way I now is to use a gleExtrusion of tube librairie. The problem, is, how to use gleExtrusion with a gluQuadric object?
It doesn’t look the same at all.
gleExtrusion use points tables, and I’m using a quadric object.
Does anyone know how to make an extrusion?


I think the best way is not to use quadrics at all. The detail of their geometry is inside gl that doesn’t allow you to have them.
So, find out how to construct such quadrics and make your own. After that, some maths will help you extrude your geometry.

Hope that helps.

Between, what is gleExtrusion ? what is gle ?

Yep, I think it’s the best way to do. Well, partial disk is not so complexe to programme, then I will use its vertices to extrude it with gleExtrusion. It will works, normally :rolleyes: .

gleExtrusion is a fonction include in the tube.h, the header file of the Tubing and Extrusion Library. It think GLE means GL Extention, or Extanded, or something like that.

Thanks. It will say if it works or not.

Well, I cann’t find the GLE lib.
But I’ve found the official website : http://www.linas.org/gle/
Seems to be stoped.
So I will not use these lib. Maybe someone know more about GLE?

I will just make a simple extrusion fonction with vertex… no matter.