I am having trouble setting up glLockArraysEXT and glUnlockArraysEXT on linux. I can set it up on windows but I need help setting up on linux. Thanks

I’m not good a Linux, but did you try looking under the forum section OpenGL with Linux?

it’s not very helpful to just tell “I have a problem with X”. If you described the symptoms it would be better.

  1. How do you get the function pointers ?
  2. Have you checked the extensions string ?

If you haven’t installed the drivres for your linux platform, I’m afraid you might be using the software renderer.
Call glinfo or glxinfo to get lots of useful information about the GL machine.

You dont have any idea what I am talking about

Do you use any portable library like GLUT or GLFW - under GLFW you simply call
glLockArraysEXT = (PFNGGLLOCKARRAYSEXT) glfwGetProcAddress(“glLockArraysEXT”);
and so on. If you are planning to use SDL (which is a highly recommended choice) then look into Linux part of the forum. Currently I’m having problems with loading EXTs with SDL, but with GLFW it all looks nice. If You don’t have GLFW or SDL then look into google.

Originally posted by mdog1234:
You dont have any idea what I am talking about

Keep on flaming and we’ll be willing to help for sure.

If you don’t give enough details, how the hell can we guess for you what happens in your problem. For what you’ve wrote, there seems to be multiple different cases :
1- you don’t know how to load extensions under linux,
2- you’ve already loaded other extensions succesfully under linux, but the GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array doesn’t work (only this one),
3- you’ve already been able to use the GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array extension under linux, but something happened and now it doesn’t work anymore.

You don’t mean that we should answer to all of them, should we ?