extensions for cl / cl_gl + header files

When more extensions are added, are they going to be included in separate header files?, and if so, how are they going to be organised?

Will there be 2 “ext” header files (eg. cl_ext.h + cl_gl_ext.h), and will extensions ever be defined that are split across both files?

eg. if an extension “cl_khr_example_extension” were created that mainly extends core CL, but has a few tokens/functions that are defined for CL_GL interop, would parts of it go into cl_ext.h + parts into cl_gl_ext.h, or would it be split into 2 separate extensions? (“cl_khr_example_extension” + “cl_khr_gl_example_extension”)

New extensions will be added to appropriate _ext.h header files as they get defined. The following guidelines are being used by the OpenCL working group:

cl_ext.h will include extensions that extend core CL.
cl_gl_ext.h will include extensions that extend CL / GL sharing.