Extension GLX is Missing on Display "0.0"

I have RedHat 7.2 on my pc. When I downloaded drivers from nvidia.com and installed them, the above message was coming whenever i opened any opengl executable. I checked XFree86 cofig file.

What does “I checked XFree86 config file” mean, exactly?

Did you see the thread with the identical subject down the page? Any of that help?


Go to /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions.
You should have file libglx.so.x.x.xxxx.You must make link for this file with name libglx.so

most often people miss to config the /etc/XF86Config-4 file properly. You must have there load “glx” in the module section and also some other things - check the installation file on the nvidia site…

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