Extension GL_VERSION_1_2 could not be loaded.


I am a new user to OpenGL and VTK and trying to install a VTK extension for MATLAB - matVTK. When I am displaying the volume data, MATLAB crashes.

The error message is in display window as follow,
“ERROR: In E:\Download\vtk-5.6.0\Rendering\vtkOpenGLExtensionManager.cxx, line 341
vtkOpenGLExtensionManager (051B91B8): Extension GL_VERSION_1_2 could not be loaded.”

But I used glew to check that my graphic card does support GL_VERSION_1_2.



glCopyTexSubImage3D: OK
glDrawRangeElements: OK
glTexImage3D: OK
glTexSubImage3D: OK


Could someone tell me how should I fix? Is there something I have done wrong? Thanks a lot.

I am out of luck finding the answer in VTK community. Hope I can find some advice here.


Could anyone help me out? Thanks.

As you say, your card appears to support GL 1.2. So this is an artifact of the VTK or Matlab code, not OpenGL.

You’re most likely to get the help you need by looking at the VTK source code for this error, or posting on a popular VTK list such as vtkusers (which it looks like you did).

So I’d suggest having a look at the source code. Just google VTK source code download.

VTK is a “code hacker’s sci-viz package”, so if you don’t get the help you need from user forums and you don’t want to dig into the source code, then reconsider whether you should use VTK.