Extension compatibility

Hi all, I know there is a list of OpenXR conformant product, but how about the extension?
Is there any information about which device support an extension, for example XR_EXT_hand_tracking?

Unfortunately not yet. We’re hoping someone would do a http://gpuinfo.org/ style tool and database, since while there is extension data in the conformance submissions we theoretically could share, it’s not updated as often as vendors are adding extension support.

So you means when the vendors adding extension support, they don’t need to make conformance submissions?

Well, for KHR extensions, those are subject to conformance. However, vendor and EXT extensions are not covered by the same IP framework so there is no conformance submission required for those. As new functionality tends to develop along a pipeline of vendor extension(s), EXT (multivendor) extension, then finally KHR extension, most new extensions are vendor or multi-vendor right now, so there’s no conformance submission required for them. (While there may be conformance tests for those extensions in the suite, and I can’t imagine that vendors would submit a report showing fails for those tests, they’re not strictly required for conformance.) The only spec covered by the IP framework and tested in a binding way by conformance are the core spec and KHR/KHX extensions - you can see a build of the spec with only those parts here: OpenXR spec + KHR extensions

Thanks for your detail explain! I have the concept of this now.