Has anyone gotten vertex weighting to work using
the above extension? I’m having trouble with it. From reading the spec, it seems like this is how you do it:

// enable vertex weighting

// setup arrays for various vertex components
// blah
// blah

// enable vertex weight array

// set vertex weight pointer

// setup blending matrices

// draw something

I’ve got a GeForce, so the blending should be no problem, and in fact I can get this work in D3D, but it just doesn’t do anything in OpenGL. Any ideas?

Check on this page, http://www.nvidia.com/marketing/developer/devrel.nsf/TechnicalDemosFrame?OpenPage There is a demo there, its the third one down.

Nate http://nate.scuzzy.net

Thanks for link. The demo works fine when not using vertex arrays, but when I put all the vertex data into an array, and used the gl array interface (glVertexPointer, etc), the blending only worked if I was not using a display list. It almost seems like the vertex weight data doesn’t get de-referenced from the weight pointer if it’s in a display list, which is odd, since the other arrays (normal,vertex, tex coords) do.

If anyone has gotten Vertex Weighting to work using vertex arrays and display lists, I’d like to see the code.