EXT_shared_texture_palette question

I’ve got color tables working by glEnable(GL_SHARED_TEXTURE_PALETTE_EXT), but my problem is now I need to use the color table only on some of my textures. So basically I know there is a way to bind the color table to a texture (instead of all of them) I just can’t figure it out from these stupid extension specifications. Does anyone out there know how to do this?

These extension specifications are not stupid.
GL_EXT_shared_texture_palette is based on GL_EXT_paletted_texture extension. Of course, it includes only new specifications and does not have to describe all previous extensions.

Ok, and you didn’t think I knew that? I did say I got it paletted textures working using the shared texture palette. That must mean I knew about the paletted texture.

My problem with the extensions specifications is that it keep refering you back to the official specs instead of just putting a few another paragraph in to explain it rather than having you page back and forth between two papers. Also I just think the quality is in the vacinity of some of the worst man pages I’ve ever seen. I mean palated textures is a fairly simple extension and I still wasn’t completely confident I had it right (I did by the way, it was a problem else ware in my code that cause the problem I first stated). Before I did this I used the Register Combiner extension from Nvidia. I don’t think I would have ever understood that from just the extension specs I got info directly from Nvidia and it explained it great in less room than the extensions did.

I know the extensions have there place I just think they could be done better.

Also I just think the quality is in the vacinity of some of the worst man pages I’ve ever seen.

But it is the specifications - not manual.

Have you read OpenGL specifications? - not much better.
I doubt that somebody learn OpenGL from specifications.

This specifications must be precise and kind of “formal”.
It’s not intended to be frendly “how to” user guide.