Promote this one to ARB. It seems to be underestimated, how much of a performance gain you can get by being able to group many calls to glDraw* into a single call to the driver (just look at the forums to see how many people are having performance problems that can be solved by using this extension).
It should be fairly easy to implement on all even remotely current hardware, it’s fairly easy to use in an app, and the performance gain can be significant. This should be ARB or core functionality, IMHO.

Be patient. Most good extensions, like this one, have to survive for a time as an EXT before they get promoted.

Also, if ARB_vertex_array_object comes out looking like ATI_vertex_array_object (ie, replacing the normal glDraw* commands), they would need to make sure that the glDrawMulti* equivalent is there too.

It seems that ARB_vertex_buffer_object aliases pretty well with standard glDraw* commands (good job). It’s probably just a matter of time till glDrawMulti* become full ARB.

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Originally posted by Dodger:
Promote this one to ARB.


its now core of OpenGL 1.4


I thought that there isnt a performance advantage with this extension. That’s what mccraighead said. It’s basically a conveniance function like the transpose matrix extension.

There may not be if you don’t put your indices in server memory (various extensions, including VBO). However, if you do, it should be faster than making the separate glDrawElements calls yourself.