Exporting to dae (COLLADA) 1.4 with max 7

Recently, switched camp…

I wonder why there is no animation when I export a mesh from max 7 into a .dae file and then re-import into blender. (using COLLADA 1.41)
I have no physique, but I do have bones and skins and also keyframed and played back well in Max.
On the max aspect, I haven’t collapsed the stack so it appears like this

Editable Mesh

When I exported them, the character went back to its biped position and of course no animations (in blender).
I also tried wavefront obj files, the mesh was perfectly output… but once again without animations. I have no other options, so where should I look now? I can’t find fbx or md5 formats (for import purposes in blender) as one of the members here has suggested…

Can you post an example of the exported .dae file?