Exporting Spore creature into COLLADA

Many thanks to Dan Moskowitz, Spore 5th patch is adding collada export for the creatures.

Here’s how to export your creature.

Make sure you have the EA download manager and the patch is automatically downloaded and installed.

Go in Edit mode, select the creature editor.

Get a creature you like on the editor, type Ctrl+shift+C to get the hack window, and type colladaexport

Hi Rémi,

I wanted to use the Spore exported models into XNA, so I came naturally to your work ^^
I don’t know anything about 3D modelling, but I managed to have you XNA importer working at least for the example you provided. Now I want to load a .dae file exported from sprore using the XNA importer, however the file seems to be in a wrong format…
Do you have any clue about how I could do that ?