Exporting openGL

does anybody know how i can export openGL stuff to the following formats?

  • Quicktime… I can actually make it with a screen recording software, but is there any way to make it a little bit more accurated? (any lib?)

  • When getting interesting shapes by script i would like to export them to vector files to be able to use them in design stuff (maybe using postscript printer driver) … any suggestion?


For exporting to QuickTime, QuickTime itself is your friend. I’ve never done it myself, but Apple should have sample code.

Just glReadPixels each frame back into memory, and add it to the end of your movie.

If you want to export to a vector format, though, OpenGL has nothing for you. You might as well write your own 3D pipeline. I suppose there might be something in OpenGL’s feedback capabilities, but I doubt it.

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